Thursday, January 27, 2011

Testing The Job Waters

I've been testing the job market waters lately. It seems that employers are paying less and offer less benefits when it comes to jobs these days. I've been a stay at home mom for six years now and I'm terrified to start a new job in todays market. I don't think I'll be making what I did six years ago. We really need better health insurance and I'm hoping I'll find a job that offers great health insurance on top of other wonderful benefits. Though while going through the want ads yesterday I felt myself getting discouraged. I'm starting to think I should get a job as a merchandiser. There seems to be a lot of opportunity in that job market. On the upside the hubby has been putting in tons of hours plowing snow at our local metro airport. That cash has really helped a lot this year during his layoff from his other job. I'm hoping and praying that I find a job soon.

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  1. Good Luck!! My office when hiring is trying to hire only part time it looks like .... trying to get away from bennies. Insurance costs are so high that they are looking at ways to curb costs. Higher co pays and deductables. Not a fun time and no end in sight.


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