Friday, April 1, 2011

I Love Buying New Furniture

It's been years since the hubby and I have purchased new furniture. That's one thing that I really enjoying shopping for are items to accent our home. A few years ago we purchased a flat screen television. We love the picture quaility and sound, but now we need to look into some really nice tv stands.  I think one of those modern looking stands would look great in our little apartment.  It seems like there are tons of great deals out there right now.  Hopefully we can find a great bargain.

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  1. It has been years since we have purchased new furniture.. but with the kids who enjoy spilling things.. and with a hairy dog who tends to pull on fabric with his claws(nails? idk).. well.. I don't paint the picture for some new furniture to make its new home here, do i? lol


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