Friday, April 27, 2012

Bike Riding Is Great Exercise

Since living in a warm climate the family and I have been getting out more and enjoying the weather. We've been doing a lot of bike riding along the ocean, which is such a calming exercise. We've even been packing up the bike and hitting a bunch of state parks. Though it's been getting a little difficult taking the bikes apart and packing them in the truck so they can fit. Recently the hubby had suggested that we invest in one of those handy suv bike racks. Wow, what a great idea and it would really help with the wear and tear on our back seat in the truck. Next week we've decided to hit a swamp sanctuary out in the everglades. I can't wait for the bike trip. It's going to be really interesting to check out the everglades.

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  1. How fun. It is great to be out on a bike or on foot, just to be out with nature and getting fit at the same time! Enjoy it!!


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