Friday, February 29, 2008

Michigan Employers

My husbands job has taken him out of state again. He leaves for Florida tomorrow morning. The last time he was gone was in September. There just isn't any work here in the state of Michigan. The economy is so bad plus the housing market is in the toilet. It's hard when he leaves because I won't get a break from taking care of our daughter when he gets home from work. I know, maybe it sounds selfish. But I feel I need that hour and a half each night to keep my sanity. Plus I can work on my blog. It's hard on our daughter also. She missed him terribly when he is gone. Who knows how many more of these out of state work trips he will take. It would be awesome if we could go with him since I don't work and our daughter isn't in school yet. But his company forbids it. They have been really crappy with him lately. He was suppose to take today off to go to the doctors for a check up. He needs a health card so he can drive their company truck. Then he was suppose to go to secretary of state to get his CDL License which he needs to drive their company truck. So last night they told him that he couldn't take the day off and they wouldn't give him his pay check until today. That was to insure he showed up for work. It's not like he misses work ever. The last time he missed work was when he was buried alive working on one of their jobs. Oh, I should mention he lays underground utilities for a living. Then the time before that was when our daughter was born 3 1/2 years ago. The guy loves to work. I'm starting to think the employers in Michigan think they have the upper hand since work is hard to come by. Seems to me they think they own there employees. The only reason he is going on this trip is he is afraid they will cut his hours down to nothing and he will be with out a job. They never fire anyone because the don't want to pay unemployment. It's just not fair. I found out late last night that they are suppose to give my hubby a food allowance of $40.00 per day. Which, I think is very generous. Well, the women who runs checks, also one of the owners forgot to run the checks before she left town for the weekend. So to sum it up my husband has no cash for food and we have to pay for it out of our pockets. There are also 3 other employees that are going on this trip who also don't have cash for food. Is that low or what?

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