Saturday, March 1, 2008

She did it!!!!

My daughter has finally mastered the potty. It's been a struggle for us. She just didn't want to use it. We tried everything. From two different potties,several movies and books. Oh, and lots of talks. Then on Monday I put my foot down and told her that there were no more diapers. She had to wear underpants and she actually did. I'm so happy about all this. I just had to share. We have been working all week on this. Today she has been great. No accidents. She goes into the bathroom all by herself. I just can't believe it. If you are a parent of a toddler you will understand my excitement and what a huge milestone this is. No more diapers and that means no more spending $21.00 per box that only last 2 weeks. I should save a bunch plus I was really getting tired of changing diapers. Great job baby!!!


  1. Hi, I found your blog on mom blogs...I have a 3 year old boy...I totally agree that it should be terrible 3s! We are working on potty training too, I understand your excitement! Hope you will stop by my blog sometime.

    That rocks! I'm so happy for you guys! That is a ig milestone, and soooo frustrating to get there! Good job Mom!


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