Friday, April 25, 2008

Take The Pledge To Fight Animal Cruelty

Yes, I'm a huge animal lover. Currently I have two golden retrievers, three fish, one frog and a chinchilla named Charlie. Since the moment I was born I've loved all the animals that have come and gone in my life like they were a part of my family. More like they were my babies. I've owned and loved 6 dogs in my life. When they pass away I hurt just like someone in my human family had died. It sucks and rips my heart out. I just can't get enough of animals. I'm sure when my Golden's pass on to a better place I'll eventually get another puppy. But that's too far into the future for me me to think about. I think I'll always have a dog in my life. They are always faithful unlike humans and love you unconditionally. It might sound crazy but sometimes I feel that I can relate better to my dogs than to people. The reason I'm writing this blog is that I saw this news cast on channel 4 news a few nights back. Someone had filed an abuse complaint against a breeder. The authorities went in and rescued 60 dogs, a dozen cats and a horse at Lornich Kennels. The animals were living in unclean cages that were to small for them. Many of the animals had untreated injuries. All the animals were dehydrated and malnourished. This breeder is located at 15 mile and Mound area. This is not a rural area. It's city all the way. The reason I know this is because I grew up in this area. Why did she have a horse? There is no room for a horse in this busy city. The horse was severely under weight. Rescuers are trying to save the horse. What is wrong with people? These are living creatures that feel and love. It just makes me sick. My two dogs are so spoiled they get to sleep with me and the hubby ever night. I couldn't imagine not feeding or leaving my guys without water. I just want to make people aware that there is animal abuse out there and if you see it you should report it. If you want to read more on this article visit Do something to help these poor creatures. I'm also a member of The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. If you want to help these animals stop buy the ASPCA and take the pledge to fight animal cruelty.

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