Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Will You Do For Earth Day 2008?

In honor of earth day I wanted to blog about what me and the hubby have done to try and improve our environment. First thing we starting doing was washing all our laundry in cold water. This cuts back on energy consumption. The second thing we decided to do was replace all of our old light bulbs with the new florescent bulbs. This also cuts back on energy consumption. This was an expensive task but it was worth it in the end. Our energy bill has been drastically reduced. The second thing me and the hubby try to do is plant one tree a year on our property. We like to add back to the earth. Today I also finished planting all my flowers. There are so many other things we want to accomplish with our home so that we are giving back to the environment and not taking away. Every little bit counts if we all join in. What will you do for Earth Day 2008?. I also came across this great site that lets you recycle your electronics. We shouldn't be throwing these things in the trash. The National Center for Electronics recycling can help you recycle all your electronics that will other wise end up at the garbage dump. This site is great because it lets you search for a local recyclers in your area.

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