Monday, April 21, 2008

Poor Man on the Street

Yesterday I went to my sisters to help her install some software on her computer and hook up her new monitor. When I was done hooking things up the hubby took the old monitor to the curb for trash pickup. After I got all the computer work finished the hubby, sister and me decided to sit down for dinner. As we were eating we looked out the window and there was a man sitting on the curb next to the old monitor. He was tearing it apart. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. My hubby explains to me and my sister that he is trying to get all the copper out. Why? Because copper is worth a lot of money right now. I asked why didn't we keep it and take the copper in for a refund. The hubby says there is only about $3.00 worth of copper in the monitor. This made me really sad. This man was a bum and obviously living in poverty. My sister lives in an older subdivision but by no means is it the slums. You don't usually see bums around my sister house. I started to wonder if this was one of the many people that have lost their jobs in Michigan. The poor guy probably needed the $3.00 to get something to eat. This makes me sad to see things like this. If you or if you know of someone who is having financial problems and in need of food or shelter you can contact The United Way for Southeastern Michigan. I use to work for the United Way several years ago and they are a great organization. They provide so much help for the needy.


  1. What a sad story. Seeing things like that really makes me count my blessings. We are haveing hard times but not that hard.

  2. My sister got me into the habit of when I see something like this - to say a little prayer for the situation. When you think about it it's probably the best gift you could give to the person


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