Thursday, May 8, 2008

Great White Sharks

A few weeks ago I got this email that had this image attached to it. I was so fascinated that a shark would follow a man in a kayak without showing any aggression. I still had my doubts about this photograph and thought for sure it was a fake. I guess the image in my head of a shark is from the movie Jaws. Sharks scare me to death! About four years ago me and the hubby went on a four hour snorkel trip to Pennekamp State Park and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. This is the only living coral reef located in the United states. The trip took us out about 10 miles off the shores of Key Largo. I was half expecting to meet a shark nose to nose. Though the dive master assured me that if there was to be a shark siting the sharks would have no interest in me because we were snorkeling in the coral reef and there was plenty of other food besides me. Though he tried to make me feel better I still kept looking for jaws the entire trip. I happily found out today that this photo is authentic. It was taken buy Thomas P. Peschak. He is a photographer, marine biologist and book author. Thomas Peschak along with Michael Scholl were researching why such a large number of great white sharks were found in extremely shallow water near the beaches of South Africa. During their research they captured this photograph. I wanted to share this story because I think these people and this photograph are amazing.


  1. We were in florida by a pier at Cocoa Beach and there were people fishing on the pier, the kid's were swimming by the pier. One of the fisherman pulled up a baby hammer head shark! I was like kid's out of the water. I was thinking where there is a baby there must be a momma and she is pissed off right now. I don't know if this it true but I was not going to chance it. Great picture!

  2. Nice picture... never had an experienced with shark before except in the Ocean Park :)


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