Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Boating Season!

It's that time of year again. Yes, it's boating season and I'm so happy. On May 31st we are planning on launching our boat out on to the lake. We have a 17 foot Glastron ski and fish boat. We bought this baby in 2001. It's just a small boat but perfect for the lake we use it on. This boat purchasing all started in 1999. It was the year we got married and we had no idea what to get each other for a wedding gift. So I mentioned buying a personal watercraft. The hubby was all for that. We ended up buying a 1999 Yamaha Wave runner. I can't begin to tell you the fun we have had on this toy. Then in 2001 we decided to buy the boat for an anniversary gift to each other. I live to be on our boat. It was the best investment we ever made. It's a hobby that me and the husband love to do together. The funny thing is my hubby had two snowmobiles that he just loved to ride. I didn't really like riding them because I hate being cold. So after we got the boat he sold the snowmobiles and he decided the water toys were much more fun. Thank God!!! I didn't really feel like freezing every winter for fun. I feel at peace on the water with the warm sun shinning down on my face. I wish that I could feel like that every day. Some days we will spend every waking minute on the water enjoying our boat. We just drag the wave runner out with us to the middle of the lake so we can make potty runs back to the house. That would be the next investment is to buy a boat with a potty. Then I would never have to leave. The really fun thing is that we have taken the boat on a few different lakes and even out on Lake Huron. The hubby keeps wanting to take it down to the keys in Florida. I'm still not to sure about that trip. A few years ago we did rent a 24 foot boat and had taken it out in the ocean off of Marathon key. I was fine with that because the boat was a 24 footer. That was an amazing trip. We had this boat for 3 days and each and every morning I got to see the dolphin pods swimming near our boat. I'm just not sure if our little boat could handle the ocean. It can get extremely ruff out on the open sea. I really don't feel like sinking were there are bigger fish than me. Like shark. I just want to wish all my fellow boaters out there a happy and safe boating season. Cheers!


  1. Wow! I love that second photo. Was that taken off the Marathon Key?

  2. I love your boat too! I'm looking forward to days out at the lake. We will be there on the 31st too.

  3. Thanks to your lovely sister Sonya the family photographer for the photos. ;) The second photo was taken off Fonda Lake, Michigan. ;)



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