Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dora's Storytime Collection Book Review

Publication Date: 2003

Here’s a collection that has something for every Nickelodeon fan. Dora’s Story time Collection features seven adventures in one book, including “Dora’s Backpack,” “Meet Diego!,” and more. (Ages 2-4)

I just love reading this book to my daughter. We never get tired of it or should I say mommy never gets tired of it. The book lets your child interact with Dora. It teaches counting, Spanish and how to read a map. I think this book is terrific. I'd recommend buying it for your toddler.


  1. Here found another mom blog about Dora! I'm getting more & more famous, hehehe...Hope to see u ard my place. Cheers.


  2. This book looks cute. You know there was no Dora at our house. More like Blues Clues.


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