Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother Nature At Her Best

Just wanted to share some beautiful photo's of the nature in my back yard. I'm so glad to see and smell spring. It's been a long winter here in Michigan.

This is a Killdeer bird that lays their eggs in our garden every year. We always have to wait to plant our vegetables until the the eggs have hatched and the family has moved on.

This is momma bird getting mad at me for taking pictures and trying to protect her babies.
The broken-wing act is used to lead predators away from the nest.

This is the last of five eggs. The other four hatched yesterday and were gone by this morning. I'm always so amazed how fast the babies take off on their own.

My spring bulbs finally starting to bloom. It's about time!!

My purple phlox are located in a Burm that me and the hubby have been working on for about 7 years. It's been a huge project. We try and plant a few things in it every year.

My flowering Crab Apple trees are finally starting to look good. We planted these about 3 years ago. We weren't sure they would live but they seem to be doing great now.


  1. I like your Spring photos, but I'm looking forward to some rain to knock the pollen down. These allergies are killing me.

  2. Oh how beautiful. I love spring and all it beauty.


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