Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Selling Things On Ebay With iSold It

I've always thought about selling some of my things on ebay but I was little unsure on how to actually do this. To be honest I was a little scared to do it on my own. I was reading up on what it takes to start selling and I came across iSold It. This is a service that sells your items on ebay. iSold It basically walks you through the steps to get your items listed on ebay so that you can auction the items off to the highest bidder. First they help you estimate the value of the items you want to sell and then list it in their inventory. After this process they issue you a receipt for the items you listed to be sold. They even have professional photographers to take the pictures of the items you want to sell. After these few simple steps your item is on line and ready to be auctioned off. iSold It sends you an email confirmation link to the item you have just listed and you get to watch all the auction excitement take place. The best thing about this service is there are iSold It locations near you. iSold It is a nation wide chain of drop off stores. I think this is great. You have the convenience of dropping your items off close to home and you get to talk to a real person in the process. That's great customer service. After your items have been auctioned off to the highest bidder. isold It takes care of the rest. They collect the payment for you and ship the sold items to the winning bidder. They then send your payment to you or if you want, they can send it to your favorite charity. In my book that's a plus! I've been thinking about selling my daughters baby furniture with iSold It and was checking into some of the baby furniture that has been recently auctioned off. I came across this furniture set that sold for $500. This is a fantastic sale price for a used baby furniture set.

I think in the near future I'm going to stop by my locale iSoldIt store and sell some of my baby items. If you're like me and are unsure how to sell things on your own you should check out iSold It. They make it so extremely easy!

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  1. Bryan has been selling things on ebay. I bet this would of made it easier for him.


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