Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday 13 - 8th Edition

I'll admit it, I'm a concert junkie. I've been to so many concerts I've lost track of what bands of seen live. We use to go all the time but since my daughter was born it's a little harder to get away for the night. These are 13 concerts that I've had the pleasure of attending. The approximate years are 1984 to 2005. Keep in mind some of these concerts I've attended were from over 20 years ago and I'm going on my memory.


Agent Provocateur Tour - 1984

Motley Crue

Theatre of Pain Tour - 1985


Master of Puppets Tour - 1986

They were actually the opening band for Ozzy. I got to see them before they were huge stars. I thought that was really neat. I've seen them several other times through the years.

Ozzy Osbourne

The Ultimate Sin Tour - 1986


Asylum Tour - 1986

Deep Purple

Perfect Strangers Tour - 1987

Ted Nuggent

New Years Eve Whip Lash Bash - 1988

Pink Floyd

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour - 1988

The Cranberries

Animal Instinct Tour - 1999


Nine Lives Tour - 1998

Kid Rock

Cocky Tour - 2000

Match Box 20

More Than You Think You Are Tour - 2002

Maroon 5

Songs About Jane Tour - 2005


  1. I would soooooooo love to have seen Aerosmith!

    Ones I went to, are way ancient, I'm sure you never even heard of 'em LOL

    Fabulous T-13

  2. Those were some awesome concerts! I actually have some good memories of the Deep Purple tour you've listed.

    Happy TT!!! My list is up here:

    My Life In The Urban Zoo

  3. You've been to some great concerts. I would love to see Foreigner and Aerosmith.

  4. Although I have seen many concerts, I haven't checked out any of the ones you listed. However, I wouldn't mind seeing Kiss, The Cranberries or Aerosmith.

  5. I'm amazed at the number of concerts you've gone. When baby grows a little bit then I'm sure you'll be going to more concerts again.

  6. In my whole life -
    I saw the Monkees (Jim Hendrix was warm up if that dates it)

    John Denver

    Sir Paul before Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Davey Jones (about 3 years ago)

    That's it!

    Now there have been numerous operatic recitals.

    The Pink Flamingo

  7. Gosh, I've only been to 2 stadium concerts (Yes and some country guy) - give me hot, sweaty, I'm there. How fun that you do something you love! YEA!!

    Happy TT!

  8. I would love to see Aerosmith in concert! Great list.

  9. I've seen a few of the ones you have: Foreigner, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, and Aerosmith.

  10. Makes me wonder where those Cranberries are these days! Sort of a break from the norm on this great list!

  11. Great list! I would have LOVED to see Pink Floyd!

    Happy TT :)

  12. You are so lucky! Happy T13 :)

  13. Some of my favs! I really would love to see Maroon Five. Great list Happy T13!

  14. Hey, Im a fan of everyone on your list...that has never happened:) Happy TT.

  15. i haven't seen any of those bands in a live concert. but i would love to see maroon 5 and matchbox 20!!

    My #8 is up too. i listed the top hits on the year i was born =) >>

  16. I would love to see Areosmith! I've been to many concerts too. I think I might take your idea for next weeks TT. I'm sure you had a lot of fun at these concerts.

  17. Not the same as my concert list...but live music of any kind is awesome!

  18. Ha! I've seen about 1/2 of these bands live, too - you've got some good taste in music. ;)

    Happy Thursday!

  19. Oh, and I did see Pink Floyd!

    Good T-13!

  20. Haven't seen any of these groups live, but would enjoy seeing all of them. Great list, happy TT

  21. Foreigner brings back very good memories... *switches to dreammode* ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my goddess TT.

  22. I would have been thrilled to have been at any one of them.

    Happy TT!
    My 35th Edition
    Fav Children's Authors
    Always @ The Cafe.

  23. I've never been a concert person - the noise usually gives me a migraine, but my sister has probably been to most of those, too. She loves hard rock and still goes when she has a chance.

    Happy TT!

  24. Looks like you've had lots of fun!!

  25. That's about 8 more concerts than I've been to in 35 years. How sad am I? (and one of them was The MOnkees reunion tour, so I'm not sure if that even counts.)


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