Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Website Grader And Webmaster Tools

It seems like I'm always on line trying to learn new things about blogging. So here I sit surfing the net on ways to improve my blog. I decided to stop by Smorty to read what they had up on their new blog. I came across some interesting information. Smorty has referred it's readers to Web Site Grader. This is a fantastic site. I just typed my website URL into the search box and away I went. My grade was a 64% out of 100%. I guess that's not bad since I only just started my site in January. I know there is room for much improvement. My grade of 64% was based on a blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic and site performance. I also came across this other interesting site that offers Webmaster Tools. I think this site is totally amazing. It has tools such as a back link checker, page rank checker, website speed test, ping test and much more. So, if your like me and your want to try and improve your blog or you just want to learn something new check out these sites.

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  1. I did mine and it came up at 65. Then I didn't understand a thing after that. Help!!! I went to the next one and everything I did came up O. I think I need blogging help. With as much time as I spend on this you would think I would understand more. But NO.


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