Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boating On One Of Michigan's Inland Lakes

The past few weekends have been crazy for us. We have been trying to get my families cottage in shape for some summer fun. Memorial weekend my friend Tammy and her family came out to help us open up. They did so much work. It really helped us out. I'm not sure what I would do without her. She is such a fantastic friend. It really made the work seem to go fast with so many hands in the mix. Then this past weekend we had our friends Jeff, Lisa and their kids out for some fun on the lake. Jeff and the hubby actually got our boat hoist fixed. I'm really happy that we can finally put the boat up instead of letting it float in the water. I feel very lucky that we have a cottage and a boat to enjoy on one of Michigan's inland lakes. I thought I'd share some pictures from our fun day. Enjoy!

Lisa, Jeff and I enjoyed the beautiful day.

Lisa and Jeff. Such a cute couple!

The hubby and Jeff

Oh my Gosh!! The hubby and Jeff acting silly.

Jeff and Lisa's oldest son. He really enjoyed fishing off the boat all day.

Jeff and Lisa's youngest son. He really enjoyed driving our boat around the lake.

Jeff and Lisa's youngest. She loved swimming with our little one all day.

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