Friday, July 18, 2008

Kid Tough Digital Camera by Fisher-Price

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Price: $49.99

Let your children show you the world through their eyes with the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. This innovative toy is a real digital camera designed to be sturdy enough and simple enough for kids as young as three years of age to use. This digital camera is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Children's Technology Reviews 2006 Editor's Choice, and the Parents Magazine 2006 Best Toys of the Year.

Santa Clause dropped this cute pink camera off for the little one last Christmas. Santa told me he picked it up from Our daughter fell in love with as soon as she saw it. I thought this camera was a little expensive but it was well worth the money. She is still constantly playing with it today. The best part is the camera is so sturdy. It gets dropped and kicked all the time. It has really held up to a 3 year olds abuse. It also comes with a 8 MB built in memory card and a USB cable so you can hook it right up to the computer. I think this was the best gift Santa could ever buy our little munchkin. I certainly would recommend this to all my friends.


  1. This is a fun toy! I've even played with it. Very cute in pick also.

  2. We have that one in blue. It takes okay photos as long as you aren't too close and there is lots of light.

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  4. This is on the Christmas list for my son. He keeps touching mine. I think it will be fun!


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