Monday, July 21, 2008

Little People Noah's Ark Playset By Fisher -Price

Manufacturer's recommended age: 12 months - 3 years
Price: $21.99

Noah, using all he knew, built himself a floating zoo ... with lots of animals, all times two, ready to come and play with you! The ark includes Noah, two elephants, lions and zebras " all pieces store inside! Figures are surface washable with a clean, damp cloth. Ark does not float.

My daughter received this on her 3rd birthday. It such a great toy. The animals are so adorable and full of life. I love how the boat door opens so you can store the animals inside. It's been almost a year since she received this fun toy and still enjoys playing with it hours on end. Another great toy I would recommend to a friend.


  1. Very cute, although I have to say it would be disappointing to have an ark that didn't float!
    We just got a fishing boat and some pirates for Maggie's birthday...I assume the fishing boat floats, but now I'm not sure!


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