Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Old Desk Top Computer Needs Some Updates

I hate to admit it but our old desk top computer is in need of some serious hardware updates. My husband and I are huge computer game lovers. I can't begin to tell how many computer games we own. It's a crazy number. Recently my hubby just purchased a new game and the computer graphics video card wasn't working correctly with the game. My husband proceeds to explain to me that our video card is just out of date and not compatible with the video game. I was bummed. I really didn't feel like spending money on computer repairs. Though I am in the middle of playing the newest version of Tomb Raider and I really don't want to start having problems. I guess I'll let the hubby go pick out his new video graphics card. I'm starting to think that our desk top computer just needs to be replaced with a newer model. I'm really having a hard time keeping up with technology these days. It seems like we just bought this computer and now it's out of date.

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  1. Wow lot's of computer stuff. Well you need that video card to play those big games.


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