Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Bank Job Movie Review

Rated: R
Run Time: 110 Minutes

Based on a true 1971 event, this thriller tells the story of Terry (Jason Statham), a car dealer who becomes involved in a London bank heist only to find that the contents of the bank vault will draw him deeply and irrevocably into the city's criminal underbelly. Murder and scandal abound in this tale of corruption populated with a surprising mix of offenders, from low-level thugs to government officials and all the way up to the royal family.

I'm really into movies that are based on actually events. So I was really looking forward to watching The Bank Job. It was a total let down. To start off the movie was really slow and I seemed to lose interest at the very beginning. The story line was hard to follow and I felt the acting was terrible. It was such a boring movie it took the hubby and I two nights to watch the darn thing. My hubby actually fell asleep both nights. Out of a 5 star rating this movie gets 3 stars in my book.


  1. Sorry it was a let down! Were there other movies out on DVD that you enjoyed you could recommend? With three little ones, that's the only way I get to see movies nowadays! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Chat with you soon!

  2. Bummer, Michelle. The story line as you present it sounds like a real adventure.

  3. I'm really bummed out! I was really looking forward to this movie. We don't do slow, Phil falls asleep. I'm sure with your review that he will be asleep fast with this one.


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