Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tips and Tricks For Taking The Perfect Family Photo's

I'm always trying to improve my skills with my camera. I feel it's so difficult to get the perfect shot of my toddler. It's just plain hard to get good pictures of kids. They are always moving. In the past few years I think I've learned a thing or two about taking pictures. I think I'm improving. These are a few Basics of photography that I've learned through the Hewlett Packard website. They have free online courses and free advice. It's great!

1. Use the zoom on your photo lens or step in close to get an intimate portrait of your child. Close-up photos show all the details of your little ones expression without background distraction. I've really captured some great shots using this method.

2. Smiles are wonderful, but it's also nice to get some photos of your child's other emotions. Keep your camera handy to capture the smiles, frowns, laughter, and tears your child experiences. These are my favorite shots. They always seem to turn out perfect because they are so natural.

3. Black and white images offer photographic variety and eliminate the any scratches or blotchiness from your child's face. Most digital cameras allow you to shoot in black and white, but you can also convert color images to black and white using photo editing software on your computer. I think these are my all time favorite. The black and white give the photo such style and class.

4. Taking photos from different vantage points leads to more visually interesting shots. Try standing above, below, or to the side while photographing your child.

5. A cluttered background can distract from your photo. Try taking pictures of your child against a plain background to focus all the attention on your subject.

6. Show scale by contrasting your child with something larger—a stuffed animal, a parent's hand, or piece of furniture. Someday you'll look back in amazement at how small your child once was. It was pure luck I got this shot.

7. It's easy to get so caught up in taking pictures of your little one that you forget to include other people, but photos of family members and friends spending time with your child will be valuable memories one day.

8. Try sitting or laying on the floor when photographing your child. This way the child can make eye contact with the camera, giving the photo a more personal feel.

9. Don't stage all of your photos. Candid pictures give your family photos variety and preserve the spontaneous moments in your child's life.

10. Kids grow so quickly! Take pictures often to capture each stage of your growing child's life. Some parents plan a family photo shoot each month to ensure they don't miss a thing. I use to take pictures each and every month but I've been slacking on this task. I'll have to start this up again. I know I'll enjoy the pictures when she is all grown up.


  1. u don't need expertise in camera, your kids did it all!

  2. with only a couple more this could of been your Thursday Thirteen. Great information.

  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ‘tips’ and the HP link. I’ve never checked it (or the Photoshop site) out, but I intend to do both when time permits. Enjoyed the photos you shared too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Great suggestions! Thanks :)

    BTW - I passed an award along to you on my blog :)


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