Monday, August 25, 2008

A Bitter Sweet Day

Our weekend was just crazy. Saturday we went to an amazing wedding. My cousin Billy married a fantastic girl who is just a gem. We didn't end up making it to the wedding ceremony because my hubby had to work. Then on his way home his work truck decided to break down right before he got off the express way. He did actually make it to the dealership close to our home. I was happy for that. I didn't really feel like picking him up on the other side of town and taking the chance of being late for the wedding reception. We did make the reception and fun was had by all. Though the happy events of the day came to a halt when we heard the terrible news that my uncle had passed away earlier that morning. There were many tears and yet at the same time many laughs. He was 84 and it was just his time. His wife had passed away on July 28 of last month. I had a feeling he wouldn't make it to long with out his beloved wife. It was such a bitter sweet day to say the least. Everyone kept the death of my uncle hidden from the bride and the groom. It was the best decision to be made. It was better to let them enjoy their day and not the death of their dearly loved uncle. We had to save our grieving for Sunday and beyond. My uncle was the last of his generation. He had 10 amazing brothers and sister. Each brother and sister had their completely unique qualities and I loved them for those unique qualities. I had immense love for everyone of them. My heart is just broken. My uncle was the last little peace of my sweet grams that I had left to hold on too. My grams died 2 years ago this August and I still feel like I'm grieving for her everyday. I miss her dearly. She was my grams but also my second mother and my friend. She raised me. I don't think this empty hole in my heart will ever heal. Does it ever heal for anyone when loses someone close to their heart? There is never a day that passes that I don't think of her and how much I miss her. In times like these I wish that she was here so I could talk to her even just for moment. I guess the death of my uncle and his funeral have just opened those old wounds again from my grandma's death. As I'm typing this I'm trying like crazy to hold the tears back. Gosh, I wish I would just snap out of this. The funeral for my uncle is tomorrow at 10 am. My hubby has decided to take off work and go with me. I'm so extremely grateful that I don't have to go to this funeral alone. It's going to be agonizing for everyone in my family. I'm glad that I will have my hubby to lean on for support. I hope I don't completely lose it at the funeral. I'd like to keep my composer some what. This post is in memory of my amazing aunts and uncles and especially for my sweet Uncle Marius. I'm glad that I had the pleasure and opportunity to know each and every one of them. It's been an amazing journey to be a part of this special family that they have all created. I'm so very grateful!! Thank You.


  1. I'm sorry about your loss...and glad that your husband can be there with you!

    Thanks for coming by!

  2. my heart went out to u Mich, me too had suffered the loss of my grandma, we were very close, and i missed her so much. I too am very greatful to her for creating a very wonderful family for us...

  3. It great that with everything going on you were still able to have fun at the wedding. Did you go to the funeral on Tuesday?


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