Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Diagnosis Is Anemia

A few weeks ago I went into the doctor because I thought I had an ear infection. No ear infection but my allergies were out of control. The doctor told me stay on my allergy meds and see how I felt in a month. I have been having these extreme bouts of fatigue. I figured I mention it since I was already at her office. She proceeded to send me for blood work. Well, today I got my blood work results. The diagnosis is that I have anemia. What? Anemia is a blood disorder. I guess that explains why I'm so tired all the time. I thought It was just in my head. The doctor has ordered more blood work to be done before my next appointment with her in September. So off I go this week for more picks and questions. Uggg!! I don't know how I'm anemic. I eat red meat and foods full of iron and I take a multi-vitamin each and every day. I have to admit I'm not a very big meat fan. I like to eat chicken and fish but red meat some times grosses me out. I've had a hard time stomaching red meat since I was pregnant with our daughter four years ago. The doctor assures me that it's nothing serious and not to panic. I also talked to my mom who has been a practicing registered nurse for over 44 years and she also assured me there is probably nothing to worry about. I just need to change my diet and eat more foods rich in iron. I looked up anemia on line today and there are several types of anemia. Some very serious types including cancer. My head was spinning after I read all this info. How can I not worry? I can't even begin to tell you the thoughts that are running through my mind this very moment. The only bit of information that I received today that gave me a little peace was from my mother. She told me that when I was a child I was also anemic. My pediatrician use to tell my mother to get more meat into me. Maybe that's what's going on now with my health. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the doc has to say at my next appointment on September 6th. Hopefully the blood work results will come back with better news.


  1. it's all right to be worried, coz it keeps us cautious about our health, but not too worried as to worsen your condition. eat right, rest well, & stay healthy my friend, mothers like us could not afford to be sick!

  2. You will be okay. This is something you can fix with the right diet.


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