Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lets Play Bingo!

I'm a huge bingo fan. I was first introduced to the fun game when I was a child. My grams would take me to her bingo night with her girlfriends. Everyone had such a good time. The night was full of laughs and smiles. I have amazing memories of spending time with my grams and playing this fun game. I so cherish these memories of my grams. Bingo has also been associated as a game for the senior citizen's, but I don't think that's the case. It's a game for everyone to enjoy. Screenlife Games has just released the new Disney Bingo DVD game. I can't wait to go pick up a copy for my daughter and I. I want her to have special memories of spending time with mommy while playing this all around fun game. It just so happens that her birthday is just around the corner. What a perfect opportunity for me to get this game as a birthday gift for her. She will just love it. Plus fall and winter are fast approaching in my area. This would be a great game to play on those cold winter days when you can't make it outside. If you want to pick up your own copy of the new Disney Bingo came stop by or You won't be disappointed. It's great fun for the entire family.

Sponsored by Screenlife Games

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