Monday, September 8, 2008

Great American Seafood Cook Off

I just voted on line in the Great American Seafood cook off. There are five wonderful seafood recipes to choose from. If you happen to be the lucky winner, you will be awarded an amazing trip to New Orleans. I've always wanted to take a trip to this historical city. There is so much culture to love. My favorite recipe in this contest is called the Texas Gulf Shrimp. Yummy! Chef Mark Holley, who is from the good old state of Texas, created this wonderful recipe. I think I might attempt to make this fantastic meal. Though I'm not the best cook in the world but the recipe is so easy to follow. How can I go wrong? My hubby would be so surprised to see a shrimp meal sitting on the dinner table. My family and I just love seafood. Especially me. We just can't seem to get enough. My favorite is crab and my hubby just loves shrimp. My hubby would just love this Texas Golf Shrimp meal. A few years ago we went on a second honeymoon to the Florida Keys. There were so many great seafood restaurants. The seafood was always fresh, and of course it was caught right here in the great USA. I tend to favor fish that is from our countries great waters. I know that it's safe and it always tastes great. There were so many restaurants in the Florida Keys serving fresh seafood. I just couldn't get over it. My hubby and I were both in heaven. My hubby ate so much shrimp on that trip that I thought he was going to swim away. If you love seafood as much as we do then stop by It's so easy to vote. Just pick your favorite recipe and enter to win a trip to New Orleans.

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  1. wow we voted for the same recipe, i agree the recipe is just simple. we are such seafood addicts LOL


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