Monday, September 8, 2008

My Baby's First Day Of Preschool

My day started at 7:30 am to the sweet sound of a child's voice. "Mommy it's time to go to school" I woke up to find my little girl bright eyed and bushy tailed just staring me right in the face. "Get up mommy, the sun is up." She was ready to embark on her new journey in life, preschool. So, we packed her back pack, got her dressed and headed out the door to her new school. She was so excited when we finally arrived, though I could see a little apprehension in her eyes. She wanted to know if I was going to stay in school with her. Of course I couldn't stay. I told her she would have a great time and would meet all kinds of new friends. I reassured her that I would be back in a little while to pick her up. That seemed to ease her nerves. When I decided to start back home, my little one didn't even notice that I had left. I think I was more anxious then my little one for the first day of school. I almost feel like a child myself. Reliving my first days of school back in the day. Have you ever noticed that all schools smell the same. Yuck! So, here I sit with 2 1/2 whole hours to myself. I really thought I'd get a bunch of stuff accomplished, but that's not the case. I just don't know what to do with myself. What a strange feeling to have taken care of this little person since birth. She is always there calling my name and then one day she is all grown up and in school. I have such an array of emotions today. I'm happy, sad, anxious, proud and most of all amazed. These years have gone by so fast. She is growing at warp speeds. It just blows my mind. I hope she is having a fun day.


  1. moms tend to have mixed emotions when their kids started going to school, i remembered my experience 3 years ago when my little one had her first day funk in school, it was blissful!

  2. She looks so cute! I hope she had a great first day of preschool.

  3. She looks adorable. I remember when I got my last one on the bus I was all but doing cartwheels. Free time!!! I was just as ready as they were. Just think shopping without putting a little one in and out of the carseat. Life is good.


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