Thursday, September 4, 2008

Improving My Writing Skills

Over the past year I've been in deep thought about my writing style. I've read several blogs over the past few months. Some of these blog writers have the most beautiful writing skills. Their words just seem to flow so peacefully just like a beautiful stream. I know that my writing style needs extreme work. I always seem to have writers block. The words I write always seem so clumsy. It's been several years since my college days when my writing seemed to just flow out of me. I've decided to start writing my post in a note book first. I'm also going to stop at the local book store and see if I can find a good book about improving your writing skills. I'm hoping all this will get me back in the swing of things. This might sound crazy but I also need to find the perfect pack of pens to write my future posts. If I don't have the perfect writing instrument I'll never be able to get all my writing down on paper. My mother is a writer and has had her work published many times. She just graduated with her second Masters Degree in English literature. You'd think that I'd have a little of this writing talent in my blood, but I don't think that's the case. Her advice to me is to always write for yourself and you will be a success.


  1. That is such a cool idea! I might have to follow suit and pick up a notebook :) I am always thinking of things when I am away from the computer and this would help me to remember them.

  2. Listen to your Mom. I find I do my best work when all is quiet and I can just slowly think.

  3. I have a link for you to achieve your goal with writing skills. ;) I will send it to your email. I too have been seeking ways of improvement. ;)
    love ya sister


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