Thursday, September 4, 2008

Starting The Installation Of The Wood Furnace

This past holiday weekend my hubby finally started the first of many steps to install our wood furnace. I'm so excited to see how this crazy looking box is going to replace our furnace which runs on propane. It will be great not to have a gas bill anymore. I'm so very thankful that my hubby is handy so we can complete this huge task.

First step was to dig a trench in our dog kennel to run the pipe to hook up to our house. I never thought we would get a machine inside our dog kennel. The neighbor we hired to do the digging did some fancy driving that day. He's amazing.

Here's our neighbor starting the trench for the pipe. The guys by the house are drilling a hole in the side of our basement wall for the piping. It was a noisy day at our house.

Here's my neighbor again doing more fancy driving.

Here's the hubby dragging the water hose to put some water in the trench.

After the digging and the pipe were installed the hubby had to complete a cement pad for the wood furnace to sit on. This is the completed product. Good job hubby!

The final step was to get the yard and the kennel back to their original condition before the dig. Didn't the guys to a great job. You can't even tell they were there. I love it!

The next step will be to plumb the basement. The wood furnace we ordered is back ordered until the end of September. We are hoping to have everything complete by the first week of October. I hope it's a warm fall this year just in case we don't get everything done before the weather turns cold.


  1. So the wood stove will set outside you house? Interesting. I like the idea that we have a backup heat source in our gas fireplace.

  2. Wow that looks like a LOT of work! ;)

  3. Look like a lot of work. But I'm sure it will be worth it!


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