Friday, October 24, 2008

Lil Piece Bout Me (A Note From The Hubby)

This is my first ever blog !!omg

I thought it would be good (for those who care) to share a bit about me. First I am an AmeriCAN. Not an Americann't ! I bleed red,white and blue,and am very blessed to live in the USA. I would like to say that none of what I type (yes the boss makes me type my own) is intended to offend anyone at all. I prefer to let a person think for themselves and form their own opinions. Now that I've said that, I am a construction worker. I work for an excavating company. I started working at the age of 12 for my father in plumbing and heating. When people say "Redneck" that's me. I don't believe in paying someone to do a job I can do myself. I do have references. I am a confident person (cocky some say). I love fishing and hunting just to name a hobby or two. I also cut firewood to heat our home and to sell for a lil coin in the pocket. I like a good race and it isn't nascar (go fast turn left). I love being outside rain or shine,I get cabin fever really easy. The one thing most say first, I saved for last. My daughter and wife are #1 to me and everything I do, I do for my family.

I hope you check back soon for some food for thought or to hear about a good hunting or fishing trip, or just to hear my side on how I really made the house fall down putting in the new doorwall.(just kiddin)

Later All!!

"The Hubby"


  1. What a great idea!!!! I know you are a very interesting guy. I'm looking forward to your future post.

  2. you describe yourself very acurately!! Did you get a little help on that? just kidding...look forward to seeing you posts


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