Monday, November 17, 2008

A Way To Strengthen America

All I see on TV and in my fellow Americans faces these days is the chaos, sadness, doubt and worry. These are hard economical times for our country and it's taking a toll on everyone. I often wonder is there something, though it may be small, I can do to improve the lives of my fellow country men? Most of my retirement has been eaten up from the downs of the stock market. I know, I'm not suppose to look, but I just can't help myself. What do I invest in now for the future? What about my daughters future? I think I've just answered my own questions. I just came across this amazing organization that I can invest only $25.00 through a secured certificate of deposit. This investment will help such fields as the construction and real estate industries. My $25.00 will be bundled with other investors investments to get projects that were once halted due to our poor economy back on track financially. This investment will revitalize our country and create many needed jobs. This sounds great to me. Especially since my hubby is in the construction industry. I'm always worrying that one day he will come home without a job. I'm thankful that he is still employed. Think about what you actually spend $25.00 on. Maybe for you it's coffee and lunch for a week. Maybe it's junk you pick up while you are shopping that you really don't need. For me it's that special bottle of wine I like to pick up once in a while. I can sure afford to miss my wine for a while to invest in a great cause like this one. This is really a worth while investment. It's an investment to help our country get back on its feet. There can't be anything more important than that in this day and age. I feel projects such as smaller and more affordable housing would benefit our country. I know when we were searching for our current home there wasn't a home under $200,000.00, which of course we couldn't afford. We got lucky finding our home at an affordable price. If you're looking for a new place to invest your hard earned money, while at the same helping out our country check out Rebuilding of America.


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  1. I sure hope they help some builders around here. You are so right so many people are having hard times.


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