Friday, December 5, 2008

Did You Have A Doll house When You Were A Kid?

I purchased my little girl her very first dollhouse back in September. It was for her 4th birthday. After about a week of looking through several dollhouses, I finally found the perfect one. I had so much fun picking it out and playing with all the little pieces of furniture. I think I've enjoyed playing with it more than my little one has. Having this dollhouse brings back such beautiful memories for me. I remember playing with my little house hours on end and feeling so content. I was always in my own little world. Remembering the wonderful world of a child imagination makes me smile. Did you have a dollhouse when you were a child? What great memories do you have?


  1. I did have a dollhouse as a child, but I didn't play all that much with it. I was more of a reader. If anything I would read about dollhouses.

    Still, I can imagine it brings back lovely memories!

  2. What a great blog post - my daughter plays with her dolls and the doll house all the time.


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