Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is It Summer Yet?

Mother nature hasn't even begun to unleash her winter spell on us, and I'm already looking forward to next summer. I'm just not a winter person. I cringe every time I have to step outside the house and feel the cold wind hit my face. The weatherman is saying we are in for another winter snowstorm starting tomorrow night. Plus he has stated that some of this winter weather will turn to ice. Yuck! I've got so many plans for next summer. I'd really like to take a trip out of state and do some camping. Maybe even drag our boat along for the ride. Gosh, how I already miss the days of relaxing and soaking up the sun while I enjoy the rocking motion of our little craft. If we decide to take a camping trip I'll need to start thinking about all the camping supplies we need to purchase. We sold our pop up camper a few years ago, so we will be using our faithful tent. I know that I can borrow sleeping bags and lanterns from my mom, but I'm sure there is so much more I'll need to bring. I was thinking about picking up some Maxpedition Gear. I think it's time for a change of scenery for the family. I'd love to take a trip out west. Maybe we'll even stop by and see my dad and step mom. I guess I'm trying to give myself something to look forward to. Planning for a vacation always helps raise my spirits so I can get through these long winter months.


  1. I agree I don't like winter either!!!

  2. I LOVE summertime too. I spend all day outside with the kids. We have so much fun. Thanks for giving me a little warmth in the chill of this season. xoxo


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