Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is finally up. We decided to save a little money this year. Instead of buying a real tree we decide to put up our artificial tree. Our little one had a fantastic time playing with all the ornaments. The house is trimmed and the Christmas celebration plans have been made. This year I will do our Christmas Eve dinner with the hubby, mom, sister, me and of course our little angle. Christmas day we have plans to go to my cousin John's house. John is also my sister’s godfather. So it will especially nice for my little sister this year. It's a first for us and I'm really looking forward to visiting with all my cousins. This side of the family is my Grandmothers sisters’ side. My grandmother and all her siblings have passed on now. There were 11 brothers and sister. Yes, it's a huge chunk of our family missing. I miss them so much everyday. My grandmother passed away two years ago and it's left my mom, sister and me feeling somewhat lost, especially on the holidays. My grams would always have a wonderful Christmas dinner where we would all exchange gifts. I look back at those years and long for them today. How I took for granted the traditions our family created at Christmas time and all through the year. We have tried to create new traditions, but it's just not the same without my amazing grandparents. I told my mother the other day that my grams was the ringleader and we the family were the circus. This circus has sure been lost with out our ringleader. My mom really liked my analogy of our family. I really had her laughing at this one. So, this year will be a positive change to spend the holidays with extended family. I just know my grams would be so happy to know that we are spending this Christmas with her big sisters children and their children. Do you have any family traditions that you hold close to your heart?


  1. Your tree looks wonderful! I think Christmas trees are so beautiful.

  2. Your tree looks festive and although you're feeling the loss of your 'grams' and the old holiday traditions ... you're creating new ones that will be memorable in their own right in the years ahead. I'm glad you were able to get your mom laughing ... it's a wonderful start.
    Hugs and blessings,


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