Monday, June 1, 2009

Childproofing Your Home. It's A Must.

When my little one turned one she was in to just about everything. She loved to go into each and everyone of our rooms and get into everything. I can't begin to tell you all the make-up that she got into. She loves to use mommy's make-up. We decided to purchase the door knob covers that prevent little hands from opening the doors. They worked out perfect and we were very pleased with the product. Whoever thought of this clever child proofing is a genius. Things were working out great with the door knob covers until about six months ago. The little one finally figured out how to take the covers off, which is a project in itself. Then she figured out how to open the doors while using the covers. I was so bummed. I know, she's going to be five in September, but I was hoping the covers would last a little longer. As you can imagine she is into every room in the house now. Maybe I should look into new discount door hardware. If you have a little one that's into everything I would definitely recommend these handy gadgets.

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  1. In addition to door knob covers I would also recommend getting fire-prevention outlets. Someone recommend this to me and it makes me more comfortable at home knowing that no electrical outlets can set on fire. It is just one more thing to think about when childproofing your house. When I childproofed my house I crawled around the ground to make sure everything was safe and I double checked everything. It puts your on the level your child will be on so you are able to see the room where they will be.


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