Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Do You Think?

You Think Objectively

Your brain works best when you are able to think in steps.

You like procedures and routines. You are good at staying focused and on task.

You are excel at developing workable solutions to difficult problems. You simply look at the facts.

You have an excellent memory, and you are a quick thinker. You can sort out what's important from what's not.

How Do You Think?

If you to play along take the test. Let me know how you think.

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  1. I have a feeling I'll probably get the same answer. Sounds like me :)

  2. Me too! You should probably be worried to be like me!

  3. I had a feeling that my results would be different, haha!

    Mine were: Your brain works best when you let your intuition be your guide.
    You like to imagine, speculate, and fantasize. You have fun playing with ideas. You are interested in theories. You enjoy studying and developing them. You are drawn toward art, philosophy, and even math. Almost every subject is interesting to you.

    I'd agree - except the math part - no math for me!!!

    That was fun :) Hope your family had a great father's day weekend!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Just did the quiz and my results were the same as Andrea. I enjoy Blogthings a lot and always have fun reading my results.
    Good rest of week :):)


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