Thursday, October 22, 2009

Batten Down The Hatches Old Man Winter Soon Will Make An Appearance

It always amazes me how much summer stuff we drag out of the garage, shed and the house. It never seems like much at the time, but when fall finally arrives I feel a little over whelmed with all the junk we need to put away. On top of putting things in storage before old man winter decides to make an appearance I always try and get our truck ready for the cold weather. So last week I gave the old truck a good cleaning inside and a long over due wash on the outside. I was noticing that our floor mats look terrible inside the truck. If you recall I have a five year old who just loves to spill drinks and drop food all over our poor truck. The mats are just trashed. I think it's time that I head to the auto store to pick some new mats or I'll be cleaning the carpet next. Hopefully I'll get all the winterizing finished before the weather starts to turn cold. Wish me luck.

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