Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shopping With A Five Year Old Has Its Perks

I never look forward to the weekly chore of grocery shopping. I'm not sure why I hate the tedious task, but I do. It's even more difficult shopping with a five year old. She wants me to buy her everything. There is always a meltdown sometime during our little adventure to the store. Though the other day I had to run up to the local market and pick up a bag of dog food. I have two Golden Retrievers to feed, so I have to get the enormous bag of dog food, 50 pounds to be exact. It's cheaper to buy in bulk and it last longer. I always have such a hard time getting that huge bag into the grocery cart, but I seem to manage most of the time. Though on this one specific trip to the store I was having such a hard time with this bag of dog yummies. As I was trying to get the bag into the cart my sweet five year old swoops in and saves the day. She actually helped me put the monstrous bag of dog food in the cart. She pushed and shoved with all her might and we got that bag of dog food in the cart together. Yes, it was a bonding moment. I was so happy when we finally got to the check out and the cashier just used her extra long barcode scanner to ring up the price on the bag. There was no way I was going to move that big bag again. After we got home it was all up to daddy to bring the bag in the house. So, shopping with a five year old does have its perks.

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