Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time For A Tile Face Lift

A few months ago I purchased a vacuum cleaner that did some severe damage to my bathroom floors. I was just crushed that my beautiful tile was chewed up and spit our by this terrible vacuum. I've been saving like crazy for our new tile and it's time to drag the hubby to our local home improvement store and pick out the new look. I'm so excited! Looking at that ugly damaged tile has been driving me nuts. I'm on the look out for something neutral in color. I need  floor tiles  that can withstand high traffic. I was hoping to save some cash on the installation and have the hubby install it. I want the tile that comes in one big sheet and my hubby insists that he won't even attempted to try and install this type of tile. His fear is that he will install it incorrectly. Once the tile sticks to the floor you can't get it back up to make a correction. So we are going to hire a professional to lay the new tile. I just can't wait.

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