Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life Happens

Things are still crazy in my world. I wish everything would just calm down. Even for a moment just to catch my breath. The hubby has still been living out of a suite case and working out of state. It's been a challenging and tough experience. I'm still trying to get in the groove of things. Not sure I'll ever adapt to him not being around during the week. Though we do get to see him Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday for right now. That could change the farther he works from home. He's close enough to drive home on the weekends now.

Our sweet Golden Retriever had his eye surgery last Wednesday. His poor little eye is looking a little better with each passing day. I'm so happy and relieved. I hate watching my animals suffer with pain. It's just kills me inside. He's next recheck is in a few weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps healing.

My mom went to the oncologist last Wednesday. She received the news that her uterine caner is a slow growing cancer, which is good news. She will know by Monday when the surgery will be scheduled. She's still not sure whether she'll need chemo or radiation. Once the doctors biopsy the growth they'll know what stage the cancer is at and if my mom will need additional treatment. I hope and pray that the cancer isn't in an advanced stage. I'll be heart broken. I'm not ready to lose my mom yet.

We still don't have plans made for Easter or my sister birthday which is coming up in a few weeks too. We are all waiting to see when my mom's surgery will be scheduled and how she will be feeling. We have to put everything on hold for the moment.

The hubby and I are also in the process of adopting a child between the ages of newborn and 1 year old. We will attend our first orientation meeting and hand in our application on April 14th. I'm really looking forward to this new experience. Wish us luck.

So, that's the scoop with me. See, just craziness.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and enjoy the time with your families.



  1. My goodness, Michelle.. A lot has been going on with you.. I have been out of the loop a bit, with computer problems, and being off of the internet altogether lately.. My thoughts are with you.. and my prayers.. and I am sending you some long distance hugs, I hope you get them!
    Keep strong, I know you can.

  2. Good luck to your Mom, my prayers are with her for a successful outcome. And a new baby!!! How exciting! Keep me informed.


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