Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yeah! I've Hit The 20 Pound Mark

Yeah, I've finally reached a mile stone today. I've hit the 20 pound mark in my weight loss. I'm so excited. I never thought in a million years that I'd lose the weight, but I did. I guess I didn't need those diet supplements after all. I've been exercising and drastically cutting back on my calorie intake. I don't think I really realized how much I was actually eating. It's hard to keep track when you're always cooking for your family. Especially those husbands that are like mine and never gain an ounce. He can eat a horse and actually lose weight. I wish I had that problem. I just look at a piece of cake and I've gained 10 pounds. I'm still on track with my diet and hope to lose an additional 20 pounds, which will put me back to my high school weight. It's so exciting to be able to get into a smaller size.


  1. WOW!! that's great. I'm down about 10 and could stand to lose 30 more. lol. I'm working on it, but it sure is slow.

  2. Hiya!! Well that's great work!! Congrats to you!!


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