Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Changing Technology

It's crazy how fast our technology changes from month to month or year to year. As soon as you buy anything electronic something new hits the market that's bigger and better. We purchased a new laptop last April. I love the new laptop and it's screaming fast, but it seems we already need a new video card. We are having problems running a few of our little ones video games. Technology seems to be progressing at the speed of light these days. Sometimes I feel like I can't keep up with all the new gadgets that are hitting the market. Though I have to confess I'm a gadget addict. I love new gadgets. I love gadgets so much I can't wait to update my cell phone this year to a new fancy smart phone.


  1. oh, my husband is the new gadget, he always has to have the most updated phone, he swaps his phone out about once every 3 months, it is mind boggling.. Me, However..It takes me so long to get used to new technology.. I still have trouble putting a call on hold to answer the other one....and my laptop is 4 years old! FOUR! It should be in a museum.

  2. Things sure do change fast. New models every week.


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