Thursday, October 21, 2010

Always Remember To Protect Your Private Information

A few months ago my father came for a vist from Colorado. While we were all catching up and having a great time he mentioned that someone got a hold of his charge card number and started making big purchases on his card. Hearing this totally terrified me. How does that happen? What's wrong with people? This never would of happened if he has a rfid wallet, which helps protect all your sensitive information.  My dad feels that when he used his card at a certain retailer that the employee working the cash register stole his charge card number and decided to go on a shopping trip. This has also happened to my mother. Several years ago someone got a hold of her charge card number and started charging items out of state. A state that my mother has never even visited on a vacation. The retailer actually sent her copies of the signed charge card receipt. Absolutely no match to my mother's signature. In the end my parents never did have to pay for the fraudulent charges, but it makes me wonder how these people can be so sly as to steal information.

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