Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Double Whammy

It's been a really tough week. One week ago last Thursday our little gal came down with the stomach flu. The first 24 hours were really hard on her. After that she seemed to just bounce back to her happy energetic self. I was so relieved. Not more then 36 hours later the hubby and I were violently sick with the very same stomach flu. It was terrible! Then a few days later the cough and running nose started with our little gal. I really thought she was fighting this nasty virus until Thursday afternoon when the school called and sent her home with a 102.8 fever. From there it just seemed to get worse. By Friday morning her fever was at 103. 1 and then by that afternoon it was at 103.8. Yup, mommy and daddy were freaking out. From what I've been told the flu is hitting our area hard right now. I couldn't get an appointment with her doctor or even my doctor. The pediatrician suggested we take her to emergency. So by 3:30 yesterday afternoon we were sitting in emergency. We sat in the ER until 8 pm last night and there wasn't a darn thing that they could do for her. It was so frustrating. So here I sit a day later and she still has a fever and is completely miserable. Though the fever is only at 101.1 right now and she's started to eat and drink a little. (Sigh) Keeping my fingers crossed that the hubby and I don't come down with this flu bug too.


  1. oh, no.. I am sorry to hear this. I hope you are all on the mend! :(

  2. Your due for a couple of good Whammys.

    10-4 Willy


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