Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Great Way To Carry Your Cash

About fifteen years ago I purchased a money clip for my hubby. I wasn't sure he would even use it, but to my surprise he loved it. He used that money clip each and everyday and eventually got rid of his old wallet. That money clip got used so much that it eventually fell apart. My hubby has been looking for a new money clip ever since. He hasn't yet found the perfect one, so I suggested checking out a m clip. This handy little keeper looks so sharp and stylish. I know he'd love one. These m clips also come with a great price tag that everyone can afford.  So I think my mission for the upcoming weekend will be to pick out a new clip out for the hubby and surprise him with it.  


  1. Willy needs some money for his clip.

    10-4 Willy

  2. I wish i could leave the house holding just a money clip. My wallet is the size of a nappy bag! How do guys get away with just using something so small? How do they not need coins?


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