Friday, July 1, 2011

The First Step Is Always The Hardest

When I was a child growing up there wasn't a diagnoses for children that seemed to be just a little bit overactive or had a hard time focusing on a task at hand. Today thanks to our modern medicine they have discovered this disability is called ADHD. My husband was just recently diagnosed about a year ago. Once he was diagnosed it sure did explain many things to me. Especially his problem of lacking that ability to multitask or focus on one thing for a long period of time. For example it takes him forever to read a book. We've been together for over fifteen years and I have not once seen him pick up a book just for reading pleasure. Reading an entire novel takes way to much focus for him to achieve. He's not quit ready to get on medication yet. Which is okay too. Everyone copes in their own way.

One of my girl friends, who also has ADHD, recently just told me that she's decided to check out one of those ADD ADHD Drug Treatment Centers. She's been struggling with her ADHD and also an anxiety disorder. In order to cope with her anxiety she's been taking a lot of prescriptions to relax her. She feels she's taking to many medications and has decided it's time to get some help. I'm so proud of her. It takes a big person to admit that you have a problem and seek out  help. I'm keeping her in my thoughts and hoping she's successful in her recovery.

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