Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Place And New Rules

It's amazing to me how different it can be living in a different state.  Even though we are in the same country it's a world of difference.  Since moving from Michigan to Florida two weeks ago I've noticed so many differences in the life style.  For example while driving a motorcyle in Michigan it's a law that you have to wear a motorcycle helmet, though motorcycle boots are optional.  Here in Florida it's not a law that you have to wear a helmet.  My choice would be to wear a helmet, but everyone has their own personal preferences.  It's always amazing to me how hot it is down here and you'll see people wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts.  It's almost like the heat doesn't bother them one bit.  I guess I'm just used to living up in Michigan where we get way too much snow and the temperatures are way too cold in the winter months.

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  1. Yeah! That's actually one of the biggest challenges you'll have to face - to get accustomed to the rules!


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