Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Starting Over Is Such A Challenge

It's crazy how many things you don't think about when you move to a new state.  We've had to change our car insurance, address and several other items are on the list to complete.  Right now my main focus is finding us all good doctors.  I've had great luck for recommendations from my daughters new elementary school.  My little one is only on her second week of school and already she's getting sick.  So this morning I had to find a good pediatrician and make an appointment.  I was pleased when I found a doctor that would see her tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I'll like this doctor and we'll be set on my daughter's pediatrician search.  Now just to find the hubby and I doctors that we like.


  1. We have to find a doctor for us too.. I have been slacking.. but I have the girls all set, and we love their new doctor. I hope you find a doctor you are happy with! And I hope your little sweet girl has a great school year!

  2. Indeed it is! Everything is new. Everything is all about adjustments! I am sure you'll pass through it! Good luck Michelle!


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