Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking For Better Alternative

The hubby and I now have to buy or own health insurance.  To say the least it was sure a confusing topic when it came down to buying a policy.  After purchasing our plan I have to say that I do feel a little more knowledgeable in the subject of health insurance.  Now we just have to figure out how to come up with the cash to pay our premium each month.  I hate to put any type of balance on our credit card, so I was looking for a better alternative.  I was thinking maybe we should check out car title loans Florida . This might ease our cash flow problem this month.  At least until the hubby and can start getting steady paychecks.  He hasn't had a stead paycheck in a few weeks due to our move cross country.

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  1. I realize this is about 20 days late, but DO NOT do a title loan! As the daughter of a veteran car dealer and title "loaner", I can tell you these are a terrible way to go! You will end up paying almost twice what you borrow, & if you get behind and can't make the payment, you will not only be broke, but also without a way to go!! I wish you best of luck.


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