Saturday, October 1, 2011

Living In Florida

Moving to a new city and a new state has definitely had its challenges.  For me the biggest challenge is learning to maneuver around a new area.  I'm so thankful that the hubby bought me a GPS.  It's the best gift I've ever received in my life.  I'm slowly learning my way around this new town.

 We finally got our health insurance situation under control.  All three of us our officially covered for a medical emergency.  That's a huge relief for us.  I've recently established a pediatrician, an eye glass place, and religious education for our little girl.  She seems to be settling in and enjoying her new friends and school.  It's good to see her smile again.  This move from Michigan to Florida was extremely hard on our little gal.  Now I just have to find an allergist and dentist for her.  Then on to finding doctors for the hubby and I.  It's amazing that at 41 I feel like we're starting all over again.  Everyday gets a little easier though.

 The weather has been amazing.  I've started taking long walks with our dogs in the mornings.  I'm up to 1 mile now and hoping that I'll lose some weight with the new exercise routine.  We usually take our family vacations to Florida.  I never thought that I'd actually live here.  I feel like we are still on vacation and it's time to start heading home.  My goal was that once we were retired we'd find a little condo down here and vacation here in the winters.  I guess my plans got bumped up about 25 years.

The hubby is really enjoying his new job. He's home by 4 pm every day and there are no layoffs.  It's amazing to get a pay check each and every week.  I'm hoping there is some type of advancement for him in this new company.  He's been promised a foreman position in a few years.  Which means a big raise.  Yippie!  I'm still looking for employment, but there doesn't seem to be much out there.  I'll keep up my search and hopefully find something I like.  I think I might apply at our local zoo, which is only a few miles down the road.  That would be a dream job come true for me.  Especially since I'm such a huge animal lover.  Anyway that's the updates on our end.  Thanks for stopping by.

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