Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Loving Our New Home

It's been over four months since we moved into our apartment and I'm loving every minute of it.  We live in an awesome neighborhood and the scenery is just breath taking.  It's wonderful to wake up to sunshine and palm trees every morning.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  There is one down side to our spacious apartment though.  We were suppose to have hardwood floors according to the apartment office, but they felt that the carpet in our apartment was still good to use.  So we ended up with beige carpet.  Beige carpet is not a good combination when it comes to owning two dogs and having a seven year old running around.  In the four short months that we have lived here our carpet is already starting to look rough.  My cousin who lives in North Carolina came across an amazing company carpet cleaners chapel hill nc.  She loves them and said they do a fantastic job.  I'm thinking about having our carpet cleaned professionally and I just hope I can find a company as great as the one my cousin came across.

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